The mission of Global Natures Pharma GmbH is to develop, distribute and premiere on the market products in the field of phytotherapy, especially traditional products originating from the Alpine region, and to use these natural products to improve the quality of life among the general population.


Our goal is to give people the maximum benefits by using alpine herbs and at the same time preserve the natural environment of the alpine mountains, where medicinal herbs are grown. We strive to make our products as efficient as possible while remaining natural and safe to use.

The healing effect of herbs depends on the content of essential oils, highly aromatic substances, and other organic compounds. Medicinal power is defined primarily through the concentration of these compounds in medicinal herbs. The quality of plants largely depends on the soil, location, cultivation methods, and cultivation technology. Mountain plants grow more slowly than plants in valleys. This contributes to a greater accumulation of essential oils and other useful substances. All these factors enable the cultivation of the highest quality plants. The color, taste, and aroma of this plant reflect the unique environment of this wonderful mountain world.


We are focused on developing effective combinations of traditional recipes and the latest pharmaceutical advances. Our main idea is to use the best alpine herbs together with a modern production process. In this way, we develop products that will be highly efficient, and at the same time natural.


NATURE’S ALPINE HERBAL BALMS are produced exclusively in Germany. The production plant is located in one of the cleanest regions in Germany, which guarantees the highest standard of product quality and purity. We successfully combine traditional recipes and the latest scientific research to obtain efficient and quality products.

The certificates obtained for NATURE’S ALPINE HERBAL BALMS are proof of their quality, efficiency, and safety. GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and ISO 9001: 2015 certificates guarantee that our production process meets all necessary international standards.