Come home after a hard day and literally collapse on the couch and your legs are sore and tired? Heavy and tired legs used to be characteristic only for the elderly, but today they torment people of all ages. This is most often due to the modern way of life, which usually has two extremes - either it includes a sedentary lifestyle with daily work, which negatively affects the blood flow in the legs, or involves standing all day at work, which again causes too much effort and incorrect body position.


We all already had sore and tired legs. The causes can be different, and most often include the nature of work (standing all day), excessive physical activity, continuous, prolonged sitting, which can cause circulatory disorders, and consequent fatigue of the legs. Good blood circulation in the tissues enables a good supply of nutrients to the tissues, and good circulation is also necessary for long-term health and maintaining strength in the legs. We can also feel pain in the legs due to inappropriate footwear, or especially in women due to wearing high heels, which despite the trends of the fashion industry should be avoided because they affect the health of the legs and spine.